“It’s Electric” Panel Training in Crystal River

“It’s Electric” Panel Training in Crystal River

The U. S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC), in collaboration with Mader Electric, hosted an electrical control panel class at the Crystal River, Florida council chambers on February 23.  Attendees included USWSC employees from Regions 2 and 6 along with City staff members.  The class provided a comprehensive overview of lift station controls panels and the electrical components inside the panel. Participants were also given instruction on drawing an electrical schematic of a typical duplex control panel. Congratulations team on successfully completing the course! Special thanks to our partners the Crystal River City Council, City Manager Dave Burnell, and Mader Electric!


U.S. Water Donates Generator to Haiti Mission

U.S. Water Services Corporation partners with Intrac Corporation to provide a generator to operate the water treatment system for the Cabaret Haiti Mission in Haiti.

Cabaret Haiti Mission is an organization that through its partnerships provides health care, education, employment, and orphan care in Haiti. Recently Doctors Without Borders contacted U.S. Water Services in New Port Richey Florida about the struggles the Cabaret Haiti Mission was having operating their Reverse Osmosis system. It was discovered that the system was in need of new equipment.
U.S. Water Services and Intrec Corporation donated a new generator which was installed in January 2016 at the mission. The generator will be used to power the orphanage, the school, and the church as well as the RO

Hats off to the Grimes, Iowa team!

Well, maybe not their actual hats as it’s COLD in Iowa…


The team there recently received a glowing commendation from our client, the City of Grimes, for their handling of a series of water main breaks in the wee hours of January 5th.   At 3:30 am, January 5th, the Polk County, Iowa Sheriff’s office called the USW on-call line to report a water main break on North James Street in Grimes, IA.  Matt Gilmore took the call and responded within 15 minutes to investigate where the water was coming from.  At 4:00 am, Matt contacted his supervisor, Andy Wood, who came out to assist with emergency locates and to help isolate where the breaks had occurred.  Next up was Nick Deardorff,

USWSC Selected by the City of Crystal River to Provide Potable Water, Wastewater, and Reuse Services to Citizens and Duke Power Electric Plant

City of Crystal River, Florida
Operations, Maintenance of the City’s Water and Wastewater System
Contract Amount: $5,500,000.00
Contract Term: 5 years with Two, Three Year Extensions

U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC) is pleased to announce that the City of Crystal River Florida has chosen USWSC to provide potable water, wastewater, and reuse services to the Citizen’s of Crystal River and Duke Power’s electric plant located in Citrus County, Florida.


U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC) was selected and awarded the contract to operate and maintain these systems in partnership with the City and their personnel. The selection of USWSC was not solely based on price but several factors; Experience, Responsiveness, Quality of Management, and Price. USWSC was not the lowest bidder in price but was deemed the

Operations News – USW Utility Group Awarded Port O’Connor, TX Operations Contract

Port O’Connor is located on the Texas coast at the mouth of Matagorda Bay and is a fisherman’s waterfowl hunters paradise, most of the homes are weekend and summer vacations homes therefore poses a challenge with variable flows.

Port O’ Connor Improvement District is just over 1,700 connections, has an AirVAC wastewater collections system and receives its water from Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. USWUG’s scope of work is meter reading, billing, payment processing, facility, distribution and collection operations and maintenance and regulatory reporting. We employ 8 full time on-site staff members that will handle all aspects of the project and handle all the same services for LaSalle Water and Control Improvement District, which is a wholesale customer of Port O’ Conner

Girl Scouts Gift of Caring Program

“Girl Scout Troop #1413 is very thankful to U.S. Water Services for their gracious donation to the Girl Scouts Gift of Caring Program and becoming a Silver Donor. With their donation 250 boxes of Girl Scout cookies will be sent overseas to our US Military Men and Women serving in combat zones.”