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SERVICES: Consulting Services

Consulting, system assessments, and troubleshooting for systems both large and small, our staff of industry leading experts have helped numerous local governments and private utility owners meet their goals for safe and reliable drinking water and environmentally sound treatment of wastewater.

Our consulting staff is highly experienced in Public Service Commission regulations on ownership, management, and rate evaluation of private systems. As the largest privately owned utility management, operations, and maintenance company in Florida, USWSC leads the way in both experience and knowledge within the water and wastewater utility business.

USWSC can provide both large and small utilities consulting services in following areas:

  • Water and wastewater plant/system analysis
  • Design, build, operate new systems or upgrades to existing treatments
  • Acquisition due diligence services
  • CIP development, implementation, and oversight
  • Operational process evaluation, analysis, recommendation, and implementation
  • R&R development and implementation
  • Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) consultation (rates, accounting, management, etc.)
  • Customer Service, Billing, and Meter Reading evaluation, recommendation, implementation