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FGUA North Fort Myers Utility System
U.S. Water Services Corporation is once again working with FGUA to provide operations, maintenance, customer service and billing functions to the customers of the FGUA North Fort Myers Utility System.    USWSC provides contract operation and maintenance services for the water, wastewater, collection, and distribution systems. The wastewater system services an estimated 11,342 residential and 399 commercial customers.  The wastewater system consists of 2 wastewater treatment plants, 1 triplex master pump station, 104 duplex lift stations, an estimated 385,653 linear feet of gravity sewer pipeline, approximately 307,359 linear feet of wastewater force mains, an estimated 96,694 linear feet of reclaimed water distribution force mains, and 1 deep injection well.  The water system serves an estimated 1,832 residential customers and 15 commercial customers.  USWSC will operate and maintain the 200,000 gpd facility, 2 potable water wells, 10 groundwater monitoring wells, an estimated 128,215 lineal feet of water mains, 79 fire hydrants, and 1,847 services and meters.   
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MacDill Airforce Base: Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA)
U.S. Water Services Corporation has been awarded a 10 year contract to assist FGUA by providing subcontract utility operating and maintenance services at the MacDill Airforce Base.  Transition activities have already started with full contract operations beginning on March 1, 2011.  USWSC will provide contract operation and maintenance services for the water, wastewater, collection, and distribution systems. The MacDill Air Force Base is located approximately eight miles south of downtown Tampa on the tip of the Interbay Peninsula in Hillsborough County, Florida and is surrounded by Tampa Bay on the south and west. Home to the 6th Air Mobility Wing, MacDill supports several organizations including the United States Special Operations Command, the United States Central Command and 14 additional tenant organizations and consists of 5,630 total acres. MacDill AFB’s wastewater treatment collection system is composed of approximately 372,000 lineal feet of various sized pipe, 285 manholes, 57 lift stations, valves at various locations on the Main Base and one class B Treatment Plant.  The water distribution system consists of two ground storage tanks, each with a capacity of 400,000 gallons, with water distributed throughout MacDill AFB through underground pipelines ranging in size from 4 to 20 inches. The entire water distribution system at MacDill AFB consists of approximately 403,000 lineal feet of distribution and service connection pipe, 290 hydrants, 469 isolation valves, 35 check valves and approximately 500 service lines. The distribution system also includes two elevated storage tanks (water towers) – with total storage capacity of 750,000 gallons. 
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NFMU Del Prado Wastewater Plant Expansion Project
U.S. Water Services is participating in the largest utility expansion project scheduled in the state of Florida.  The Del Prado WWTF is being expanded to meet the needs of the local N. Fort Meyers Utility service area and Lee County Florida.   The project is valued at $10.8MM with a 2 year completion schedule.   U.S. Water Services Corporation will in directly in charge of the all aspects of the project and providing the construction services and project management with association of Wade Trim Engineering of Florida, Inc.
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City of Hollywood Lift Station Conversion/Upgrade
U.S. Water Services Corporation has been selected by competitive bid process for award on the following construction project:Lift Station Conversion/Upgrade, Lift Stations N-3, W-3, & W-18Project Value:  $1,301,035.00Scope of Service: Lift Station N-3: demolish and remove existing can-type pump station, construct new 2-stage pump station, including new wet well and dry pit.  Install new submersible solids handling pumps in wet well and dry pit with variable frequency drives, controls and associated electrical and instrumentation work.  Lift Station W-3: demolish and remove existing submersible pump station, construct new submersible pump station, including new wet well and valve chamber.  Install new submersible solids handling pumps with constant speed drives, controls and associated electrical and instrumentation work.  Lift Station W-18:  demolish and remove existing can-type pump station, construct new submersible pump station, including new wet well and valve chamber.  Install new submersible solids handling pumps with constant speed drives, controls, associated electrical, instrumentation work and convert existing wet well to a manhole.
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Runaway Bay, TX

U.S. Water Services Corporation – d/b/a USW UTILITY GROUP has been awarded a five year contract to provide operation and maintenance of the City of Runaway Bay’s Water and Wastewater facilities.  Previously, USW UTILITY GROUP had a two year agreement with the City.  Mr. Greg Leveling, City Administrator for Runaway Bay recently sent a letter of commendation stating his thanks to USWUG staff for assisting the City with receiving a waiver from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for installing a sand filter and expanding the surface water treatment plant.  By receiving the waivers, USWUG saved the community over $1.5M.  Mr. Leveling stated, “This type of collaborative public private partnership, that safeguards public heath, quality, safety and welfare, is a testament to the quality product and service U.S. Water provides.”

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Lindrick Utility System
On March 9, 2010, U.S. Water Services Corporation was awarded the contract to assist FGUA by providing full contract operations for the Lindrick Utility System.  USWSC will perform system maintenance, operations, meter reading, customer service, and billing for their water and wastewater facilities.  The Lindrick Utility System is located in the City of New Port Richey, including the Gulf Harbors and Gulf Landing communities, west of US Highway 19, from Floramar Terrace North to Main Street. The Lindrick system also includes the Shamrock Heights Community, located North of Trouble Creek Road north to Kilraney Court and from Maryana Drive east to Grand Central Avenue.  As of July 2010, Lindrick provided water and wastewater services to approximately 3,004 customers.  Prior to March of 2010, customers of the Lindrick Services Corporation faced water pressure problems, numerous service interruptions and rising costs due to numerous repairs of an aging system. In March of 2010, Lindrick Services Corporation was purchased by FGUA.  U.S. Water Services Corporation has put together a comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan to address these long-standing water quality issues.  The Lindrick system includes a five year capital improvement plan evaluating the condition of meter equipment, improving water pressure, service and reliability, reducing saltwater intrusion and rehabilitating well sites.
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City of Marathon - Florida Keys

U.S. Water Services Corporation has been awarded the Wastewater Utility, Collection System and Maintenance Contract regarding the City of Marathon Wastewater, Vacuum Collection and Stormwater Facilities.  U.S. Water provided a competitive proposal in response to the City RFP and scored the highest technical ranking while competing against two internationally owned firms.  The new contract start date is effective 10/01/09.  A large thank you goes out to Ted Yarboro, Chris Jones, DeWayne Dousay and Lee Penick for providing vital quality services and support to the important Florida Keys Community.

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CMH - Princeton, TX
U.S. Water Services - d/b/a USW UTILITY GROUP, has secured the first contract with CMH Parks, Inc.  U.S. Water has been providing services in Texas since February of 2008 and looks forward to provding superior services to CMH and assisting their Officers with any additional water and wastewater utility services needed. 
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City of Lauderhill, FL

U.S. Water Services Corporation was asked by the City of Lauderhill to begin fulfilling a full time role of contract operations provider related to the City Water Utility Facilities.   U.S. Water was previously contracted to provide relief operating services March thru May of this year.

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City of Lauderhill, FL

The City of Lauderhill has requested that U.S. Water Services Corporation assist the City by providing relief operating services to augment the direct City Utility Operating Staff.  Services Began this month and as with many contracts throughout the State of Florida, U.S. Water will standby ready to provide relief operating services as needed by the City.

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