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Utility Mechanic
Full Time
New Port Richey, Florida, United States -

U.S. Water Services Corporation is a well-established and diverse water and wastewater utility organization specializing in utility maintenance, operations, engineering and construction services. U.S. Water is a fast paced and rapidly expanding company headquartered in New Port Richey, Florida with a staff of over 500 employees in six states.

Job Description:

Water Treatment Plant Mechanics maintain and repair machines and equipment used to process and distribute water for human consumption and industrial use. They might also maintain and repair machines and equipment in wastewater treatment plants where water is cleaned before it is returned to streams and rivers.

Job Duties:

Water Treatment and Power Plant Mechanics may:

Dismantle or partially dismantle machinery, such as electric motors, turbines, pumps, valves, and gages, to gain access to or remove faulty parts

Repair or replace defective parts

Inspect machines and equipment

Lubricate moving parts or replace worn parts to prevent breakdowns or malfunctions

Operate plant equipment to process and distribute water on some occasions

Clean out pipes and perform other plumbing and pipe fitting tasks as required

Use gas or arc welding equipment to heat, cut, braze, or weld

Supervise, instruct, and inspect the work of maintenance helpers or laborers

Perform general maintenance and repair tasks on buildings, structures and grounds

A Power Plant Mechanic's duties may include:

Dismantle and repair auxiliary equipment such as pumps, compressors and pipe systems

Assist in conducting acceptance and performance tests on new and existing equipment

Fabricate special tools and rigging equipment, and make replacement parts for equipment

Install wiring between machinery, switchboards, and control panels

In large water treatment and power plants, Mechanics work primarily in maintenance and repair. In smaller plants, Mechanics may operate and control machinery, perform tests, and keep records, duties more typical of a water treatment plant operator

The tools, equipment, and work aids include:

* Gages

* Turbines

* Generators

* Wrenches

* Pumps

* Water wheels

* Pliers

* Hydraulic valves

* Compressors

* Screwdrivers

* Chlorinators

* Ladders

* Hoists

* Limers

* Hand tools

* Power tools

* Meters

* Voltmeters

* Manuals

* Blueprints

* Control panels

* Welding equipment

* Diagrams

* Scaffolds

Working Conditions and Requirements:

Water Treatment and Power Plant Mechanics work under the general direction of a maintenance supervisor or superintendent. In some plants, Mechanics supervise lower grade Mechanics, helpers, or laborers in maintenance work and repairs. They frequently work alone with little contact with other workers.

These Mechanics work both indoors and outdoors and may be exposed to noise from machinery, unpleasant odors, dust, and other substances in the air. They might experience hazardous conditions, such as slippery walkways, dangerous gases, and malfunctioning equipment. Power Plant Mechanics usually work inside a generating station under supervision. They are exposed to electrical hazards from generating equipment. They can minimize these hazards with protective equipment and clothing which are usually provided by the employer.

Water Treatment and Power Plant Mechanics generally work a 5-day, 40 hour week. Because plants operate around the clock, Mechanics might be required to work afternoons, nights, weekends, or holidays. In addition, they might be on call in case of emergency breakdowns.

Mechanics may belong to unions representing employees where they work and pay periodic dues.

You Should Prefer:

  • Activities which involve the use of machines, processes, or methods
  • Activities that bring satisfaction from working on & producing things

You Should Be Able To:

  • Perform a variety of duties which may change often
  • Work easily and skillfully with your hands
  • Rate information using standards that can be measured or checked
  • Work within precise limits or standards of accuracy

Math Problem You Should Be Able to Solve:

What is the voltage across six 1.5 volt batteries when they are connected in series?

Reading Example You Should Be Able to Read and Comprehend:

Because of the positive and negative charges on the battery terminals, a potential difference exists between them. The maximum potential difference across the terminals of a battery is called the electromotive force emf.

Writing Example You Should Be Able to Produce:

You should be able to write a report explaining any malfunctions that may be occurring with the machinery.

Thinking Skill You Should Be Able to Demonstrate:

You should be able to look at different malfunctions and then decide the best way to alleviate the problems.

Compensation and Benefits: Pay is commensurate with experience and market-reflective. US Water/USW Utility Group offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short/long-term disability, paid time off, holiday pay and 401k with company match.

US Water/USW Utility Group offers competitive wages and benefits and is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.

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