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Lead Wastewater Operator
Tecumseh, Oklahoma, United States - 74801

U.S. Water Services Corporation is a well-established and diverse water and wastewater utility organization specializing in utility maintenance, operations, engineering and construction services. U.S. Water is a fast paced and rapidly expanding company headquartered in New Port Richey, Florida with a staff of over 700 employees in eighteen states.

Essential- Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee operations for a .5 MGD SBR Treatment Plant
  • Operates plant equipment such as aerators, filters, pumps, lift stations, instrumentation, motors, chemical feed systems, blowers, mixers, generators, lighting, chlorinators, comminutors, bar screens, flow splitter boxes, storage tanks, meters, air compressors, air distribution systems, timers, controls, sludge dewatering equipment, valves, contact chambers, wells, surge tanks, and other similarly related plant components and equipment.
  • Adjusts plant equipment to achieve the best possible treatment results and to maintain compliance with the plant operating permit,
  • Responds to emergency calls, as required to take corrective operation action or to assist company or client personnel in performing corrective actions.
  • Operates facility effluent disposal systems in accordance with plant operating permit and operating protocol.
  • Maintains required solids inventory to achieve the best possible treatment. Controls wasting rates, digester loading, lime stabilization of residuals when applicable and coordinates residual hauling.
  • Provides oral and written reports to Project Manager
  • Maintains sludge records and reports

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Adjusts and maintains chemical dosages to ensure compliance with the facility operating permit and Oklahoma Administrative Code.
  • Provides daily checks of the wastewater facilities to document operational status and maintenance requirements and makes operational changes to ensure the processes are operated in a safe manner and compliant with ODEQ rules and regulations, and all effluent is compliant with the facility operating permit
  • Performs compliance sampling for required parameters for wastewater quality analysis, in accordance with facility operating permit.
  • Maintains on site complete and accurate operating logbook and records on wastewater facility in accordance with DEQ requirements.
  • Performs field testing to include, but not limited to, dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, settable solids, microscopic examination of activated sludge, alkalinity, ammonia, turbidity, and any other such field testing necessary for plant process control to maintain compliance with the plant operating permit, company or plant operating protocol and DEQ rules and regulations.
  • Performs calibration procedures on all field-testing equipment as per DEQ requirement and maintains calibration log on each field instrument as well as maintaining all equipment in good working order.
  • Calculate, maintain and record plant hydraulic and organic loading rates to include but not limited to waste sludge rates, surge loading rates, influent and effluent flow rates when applicable, tank transfer rates, and any other hydraulic loading rate within the control of the plant operator to maintain compliance with plant operating permit.
  • Perform plant equipment repair and maintenance to include repair of chemical feed pumps and injection points, lubrication of pumps, motors, blowers, drive assemblies, mixers, aerators, etc. Replace air filters on plant equipment, perform routine instrumentation cleaning and maintenance and report any required maintenance necessary to maintain efficient equipment operations and compliance with plant operating permit.
  • Perform general housekeeping duties such as, but not limited to, picking up and disposal of various debris and screenings, empty trash cans, washing down of basins, wet wells and other plant equipment, clean up any sludge spills and sludge splashing, netting treatable debris from tanks and keep walkways clear of obstruction and debris.

Additional Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Completes monthly reports and laboratory analysis prior to submittal to regulatory agencies.
  • Reports abnormal events and events resulting in noncompliance with the operating permit, DEQ Rules and Regulations, the facility operating protocol or Oklahoma Administrative Code in accordance with company abnormal reporting protocol.
  • Reports any unsafe working conditions to supervisor immediately upon discovery to the Project Manager
  • Performs other similar duties as assigned or requested.
  • Must be available from time to time to work scheduled or unscheduled overtime in order to satisfy plant-staffing requirements.
  • Assist Project Manager with Operator's scheduling and ensures adequate staffing levels needs are met at all times.
  • Ensures that the staff operators adhere to company policies at all times, and reports any failure to adhere


  • Must currently have a Class B or higher Wastewater Works Operator and Wastewater Works Lab Operator License with the ability to obtain a Class A Operator's License within 1 year.
  • Must be able to take and pass a pre-employment background and drug screen.

U.S. Water Services Corporation/USW Utility Group offers competitive wages and benefits and is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.