City of Galena, IL: Operations, Maintenance, and Management

USW Utility Group - Downtown Galena, IL

On August 1, 2019, USW Utility Group (USWUG) was awarded the contract for the Operations, Maintenance and Management of the City of Galena, IL water and wastewater utilities due to USWUG’s vast experience and expertise in optimizing water and wastewater treatment facilities, a proven track record of environmental compliance and a demonstrated history of providing cost savings.

The City of Galena is in the unglaciated area of Northwest Illinois. Galena is a tourist rich community with its rolling hills, history, 19th-century architecture and opportunities for year-round outdoor recreation. The City attracts nearly a million visitors a year. USWUG is challenged with operating a utility with large peak water demands, rolling hills resulting in numerous pressure zones, and diurnal wastewater flows and loadings. USWUG was selected as the City’s partner, in part due to our ability to demonstrate a proven track record of meeting these unique challenges.

The project was successfully transitioned from Veolia Water, who previously held the contract.

During the transition, USWUG performed due diligence and careful planning, involving multiple disciplines of USWUG’s organization, resulting in a seamless transition of services from Veolia Water. As a result of careful planning and having successfully transitioned numerous O&M contracts over from other contract operators to USWUG, we were able to meet the City’s objectives, which included:

  • Zero compliance issues
  • No interruptions in service delivery, and
  • Meet all reporting requirements for internal and external entities

USWUG implemented a careful approach so that transitions go unnoticed to system users.  USWUG brought in its team of operations specialists, treatment experts, health and safety compliance officers, and process engineers to perform due diligence during the transition.

The contract includes the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant, the sewer collection system including the lift stations, and the water treatment and distribution system including storage, wells, booster stations, pressure reduction stations, and general groundskeeping and upkeep of the 368 Kilowatt solar array at the wastewater treatment plant.

The Galena water and wastewater systems include the following:

The wastewater treatment plant constructed in 2002 consists of a 1.171 MGD oxidation ditch design with biological nutrient removal. The system has approximately 28.2 miles of sanitary sewer and 1.6 miles of force main.

The water system is made up of three wells with treatment systems, four water storage facilities (including two elevated towers, a standpipe, and a ground tank reservoir) and 28.5 miles of water main.

The 368-kW solar array consists of 3-100 kW inverters and a solar building with controls. The solar array can power the entire wastewater treatment facility.

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