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City of Winterset, IA: Operations, Maintenance and Management

Owner Name: City of Winterset
Service Categories:
O&M: Wastewater & Reclamation,
Project Name: Operations, Maintenance, and Management of Wastewater Treatment Facility, Collection System and Lift Stations
Contract Term: Five Years

On November 4, 2019, following a competitive bid process, USWUG was awarded the contract for the Operations, Maintenance, and Management of the City of Winterset, Iowa Wastewater Treatment Facility, Collection System and Lift Stations.  The City of Winterset formed a Selection Committee to review all proposals and make a recommendation to Council.  After all, proposals were thoroughly reviewed and rated, it was the consensus of the Committee to recommend to the City Council that USWUG be awarded the contract.  The Committee stated that they had, “determined that the best interest of the people we serve is to provide the needed expertise so the operations and maintenance of the system can be utilized in a way that maximizes the efficiency in the current and future infrastructure.  We believe that USWUG better meets our needs at this time.  The highlights for the advantages of using USWUG from the information in the RFP’s was that the depth of the financial and personnel resources in USWUG being a national and much larger company was a benefit.  Their extensive engineering expertise and willingness to partner with our engineers on city projects was also an added benefit.”

USWUG has provided technical support and Emergency Operations for the City of Winterset since August of this year.  After successfully assisting the City with meeting their technical and O&M needs during this time, USWUG was ultimately awarded the long-term full-service Agreement.  USWUG’s excellent track record of operations, maintenance, and engineering services were instrumental in being selected in Winterset.  The City stated that “the depth of the organization, commitment to detail, and quality standards of USWUG also appeared to rank higher.  The responsiveness of the RFP in general and presentation – USWUG directly responded to each question and had it organized in a manner that was top notch.  Their responses were all just as detailed which again, speaks to the quality of the organization.  This is a critical time for the operations of the plant and the distribution system and the Committee was willing to spend more for better resources to better position us to provide more efficient services going forward.”


The wastewater treatment plant is an Iowa Grade II, two-stage trickling filter (bio tower) plant, including pretreatment, primary clarification, solids contact tank, final clarification, UV disinfection, and two-stage aerobic digestion.  The collection system consists of 150,000 lineal feet of sewer main, six lift stations and 16,000 lineal feet of force main.

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