Colonial Manor Water Main Replacement Phase IV

Pasco County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Colonial Manor Water Main Replacement Phase IV

U.S. Water has been awarded the Colonial Manor Water Main Replacement – Phase IV contract. The Colonial Manor subdivision is local to the corporate offices. It is an older development and has a water and sewer infrastructure that is heavily deteriorated due to its age and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. In response to numerous watermain breaks, the client dedicated the funds necessary to replace the entirety of the water system in four phases. U.S. Water was awarded three of the four phases of work. The original design had the water mains and service meters in the back yards as this was common practice for the time. Considerable coordination between U.S. Water’s operations/maintenance staff and engineering was needed to best incorporate current design standards i.e. moving the mains and meters to front yards while minimizing impact to the customers. Additional control valves were incorporated into the master design to help reduce the number of affected customers for future breaks/outages.