Cow Path Master Pump Station Rehabilitation

Pasco County, FL

U.S. Water Services Corporation (U.S. Water) recently completed the rehabilitation of Pasco County’s Cow Path Master Pump Station. After the original contractor was unable to complete the project, Pasco County decided to engage U.S. Water. This project included the complete rehabilitation of a master tri-plex lift station. It was severely deteriorated and no longer met the needs of the community it served. It receives the discharge from several nearby commercial industrial parks, multi-family residential communities, and local restaurants close to the growing intersection of I-75 at State Road 56. This area has experienced significant growth in recent years which put a substantial strain on the station.  The plans called for the full rehabilitation of this station which included demolition, bypass pumping, lining, pump, and manifold replacement, electrical work, odor control infrastructure, etc. As U.S. Water has performed numerous projects of this scope and size, we were excited for the opportunity to validate our talented work force’s broad skillset.

Field activities were led by Dave Martin. Mr. Martin is a tenured employee who has proven his ability to expertly execute these contracts time and time again. The County has repeatedly expressed how happy they are with the quality of the work, the level of communication they have received, and the pace at which progress is made. We have all the confidence that this relationship will continue well into the future.


U.S. Water Services Corporation - Pasco County, Florida - Cow Path Mater Pump Station Rehabilitation Installation of new wet-well

Installation of new wet-well

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Pasco County, Florida - Cow Path Mater Pump Station Rehabilitation - Placement of wet-well lid

Placement of wet-well lid

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