FGUA Flagler County Wastewater Treatment Plant: Design Project

Flagler County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Flagler Wastewater Plant

In March of 2021, the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) awarded U.S. Water Services Corporation (U.S. Water) the design services and construction administration contract to replace the existing biological treatment train at the Plantation Bay wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the Flagler County System. This project is the second and final Phase required in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Consent Order initially negotiated with Flagler County and transferred to the FGUA when they purchased the system in December 2020. Flagler County met the intermediate deadlines of the Consent Order by completing the phase one improvements that included installing a new master pump station, headworks, disc filters, reject pump station, one million gallons reject storage tank, and rehabilitation of the existing chlorine contact chamber.

Phase two of WWTP improvements will include constructing concrete treatment units to replace the old steel ring package plant in a state of disrepair. The new plant will consist of two treatment trains with common-wall construction. Each train will include an aeration tank, clarifier basin, and digester. The new plant will also have a flow splitter box to divert flows evenly between the two trains and meters for each train. When completed, the improved WWTP will be rated for 490,000 MGD with a Class one reliability. The design will allow for the future installation of a third train to meet the growth of the Plantation Bay subdivision by sizing the common piping, electrical & treatment components, and structural requirements for the future condition. The preliminary design report was completed in May and submitted to the FDEP with the permit application in June. U.S. Water is currently finalizing the design.


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