Florida Department of Corrections: Contract Renewal

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Florida Department of Corrections - Water Utility Management - Wastewater Utility Management

U.S. Water Services Corporation (U.S. Water), Florida’s largest water and wastewater operations company, was awarded the contract to provide statewide operations and maintenance services to the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC). The contract includes 22 water treatment facilities and 24 wastewater treatment facilities located across 27 counties. This longstanding partnership is meaningful to U.S. Water and we’re glad to extend and expand our partnership with FDC.

The contract was approved by FDC in December of 2020 following several rounds of negotiations. The contract won through a competitive bidding process, is for treatment plant operations, maintenance, and construction services as required. The total value of the contract is variable, based on the demands and needs of the individual correction facilities. The revenue is anticipated to be in excess of $500,000 annually.

Since 2003, U.S. Water has worked with FDC providing operations and maintenance services. This latest 10-year contract expanded our services to include all treatment facilities owned and managed by FDC across the state of Florida. U.S. Water is proud to have served the Department of Correction for so many years and looks forward to continuing our partnership with FDC.


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