Fort Dodge Middle School Presentation

Fort Dodge, IA
U.S. Water Services Corporation - USW Utility Group - Fort Dodge Middle School Presentation

Mr. Travis Pender, Utility Manager in Fort Dodge, Iowa, was a guest speaker at Fort Dodge Middle School. He talked to the students about the water and wastewater process in Fort Dodge—What happens to dirty water, where the water comes from, the process of cleaning water, and water treatment areas in Fort Dodge. While speaking, Travis showed many photos of the treatment plants and tied that back to the water at their houses. Along with speaking to students at the middle school, Travis was asked to create some videos on the water and wastewater treatment process for elementary school kids. The videos were shared with all the 3rd graders in the school district. It was refreshing to see how interested the students were in the subject. They had their “science notebooks” and asked questions previously thought up, making notes and coming up with new questions.


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