Fort Dodge Water and Wastewater Utility System

Fort Dodge, IA
Owner Name: City of Fort Dodge, IA  
Service Categories:
O&M: Wastewater & Reclamation,
O&M: Drinking Water,
Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Project Name: Fort Dodge Water and Wastewater Utility System
Project Cost: October 2010 – Present

In a competitive bidding progress the City of Fort Dodge, IA awarded USWSC with a contract to provide overall management services for the City’s wastewater utility system. However, in July 2016 the agreement was amended to include the water treatment system as well. The Fort Dodge wastewater treatment facility has a design capacity of 21.6 mgd while the water treatment facility has a treatment capacity limited to the maximum permitted aquifer withdrawal rate of 4.0 billion gallons per annum.

USWSC conducted a comprehensive assessment of the City’s current utility operational practices at that time to develop and prioritize operational, financial, and regulatory necessities and goals in the form of a report called the “Statement of Condition” (SOC). In addition to addressing the current state of the utility assets and equipment, the SOC provided recommendations for corrective actions relative to deficiencies; insight into immediate and long-term needs of the utility; and a preliminary outline for a repair/replacement program (RRP) as well as a capital improvement program (CIP).

USWSC has and continues to meet daily operational and regulatory requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Significant progress on upgrades and repairs of equipment and system assets has been made.  USWSC conducted an engineering analysis to provide guidance on water quality improvements; revamped the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program; and collaborated with Cargill and CJ America on behalf of the City to relocate their production facilities in Fort Dodge’s new North Ag Park. The City has fully engaged USWSC as a partner in planning, design, and construction of a 16.1 mgd RO facility that is part of its $17,800,000 utility system expansion project.

“Following the first year of the agreement, we felt that a true partnership had been created and we looked forward to working with this dynamic organization in the years to come. We are happy to say that this partnership continues to grow and the City continues to anticipate positive results well into the future.”  April 2017, David Fierke, City Manager

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