Georgia Department of Corrections Water and Wastewater Facilities

Owner Name: Georgia Department of Corrections
Service Categories:
O&M: Wastewater & Reclamation,
O&M: Drinking Water
Project Name: Water and Wastewater management, Operations and Maintenance services at Reidsville, Helena, Jackson, and Leesburg
Contract Term: Five Years

Through a competitive bidding process, U.S. Water Services Corporation entered into a five-year contract, with the Georgia Department of Corrections to provide Management, Operations, and Maintenance services to the water and wastewater facilities. As a part of operations and maintenance of the plants U.S. Water Services Corporation will oversee all daily operations and maintenance activities, compliance sampling and laboratory analysis, reporting, routine preventative maintenance, spray field operations and maintenance, and record-keeping. These facilities are located throughout southern Georgia in Reidsville, Helena, Jackson, and Leesburg. They consist of a variety of treatment processes including the treatment of potable water, wastewater, and disposal of bio-solids.

U.S. Water Services Corporation is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Georgia Environmental Protection Department in all four locations. The treatment permits include the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Land Application System (LAS) Permits, Drinking Water Permit, Groundwater Permit, and Consumer Confidence Report. The Georgia Department of Corrections treatment facilities varies in size from .168 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) to 1.06 MGD output.


Locations Facility Size
Georgia Diagnostic & Classification Prison – Wastewater Treatment Plant 0.400 MGD
Georgia Diagnostic & Classification Prison – Water Treatment Plant 0.300 MGD
Georgia and Rogers State Prisons – Wastewater Treatment Plant 0.850 MGD
Georgia and Rogers State Prison – Water Treatment Plant 1.5 MGD
Lee State Prison – Wastewater Treatment Plant 0.134 MGD
Lee State Prison – Water Treatment Plant 0.175 MGD
Telfair State Prison – Wastewater Treatment Plant 0.045 MGD

Given U.S. Water Services Corporations’ extensive experience in operating facilities, we were able to meet all project certification requirements relative to the operation and treatment of the water and wastewater facilities. We strive to meet our goals of operational and regulatory requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

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