Key Colony Beach: Wastewater Treatment Facility

Key Colony Beach, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Key Colony Beach Wastewater Treatment Facility

Since 2010 U.S. Water has had the privilege of providing wastewater services to the City of Key Colony Beach. In February of 2019, through a competitive bidding process, U.S. Water was awarded a 5-year contract with 5 (1) year renewals. The City’s contract consists of the Key Colony Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant’s operations and maintenance, which has a designed capacity of .340 million gallons per day (MGD) and 15 Lift Stations.  The plant is staffed 6 hours per/day, five days a week, and 1 hour on Saturday and Sunday.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Region 5 Project Manager
David Evans: Region 5

U.S. Water’s project manager for the city of Key Colony Beach project, David Evans, has been operating the system since 1980. Over the years David has developed strong professional relationships with the staff at the City making him invaluable.  U.S. Water is dedicated to ensuring that we provide the highest level of service to the City and its citizens. David joined the U.S. Water team in 2010 when the company acquired Key Colony Beach as a client. In addition to David, Brandon Deakes has assisted with Key Colony Beach providing support to the operation of the treatment plant and lift station operations.

David Evans is a class C certified wastewater operator and has over 40 years’ experience at the City of Key Colony Beach’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, starting his career in January of 1980. He is a longtime resident of the area, giving him access and background knowledge to the City. David likes working with the City because he knows he is trusted to provide reliable operations and rarely has emergency call outs to worry about.

The City has been a pioneer in various wastewater aspects when compared to other communities within the Keys. Key Colony Beach was one of the first locations to develop a central wastewater collection and treatment system. It was one of the first wastewater systems toU.S. Water Services Corporation - Key Colony Beach Wastewater Treatment Facility utilize membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology to provide advanced wastewater treatment (AWT). With U.S. Waters’ long tenure as the City’s operator, we have developed vast amounts of institutional knowledge in the facilities’ operation.

The city’s effluent disposal consists of deep well injection and reclaimed water irrigation. David Evans, along with his team participated and provided input in the designing, construction, and systems startup of all the upgrades associated with these facilities.  The plant rehabilitation started in 2018, helping to smooth operations and keeping the plant in compliance.

The upgrade consisted of installing two 8-inch inline ultraviolet (UV) disinfection reactors. Instruments for continuous online monitoring of transmittance, intensity, dosage, and turbidity were installed and equipped with an automated data logging system.

Key Colony Beach is a municipality located in the heart of the Florida Keys. Also known as the “Gem of the Florida Keys” there are just over 800 residents, but the population peaks at about 4,000 in mid-winter. The city is situated on 286 acres and contains approximately 1,400 units of housing. Key Colony Beach is known for its upscale, quiet, and tropical island atmosphere that draws people from all over the world.


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