Lehigh Acres Manhole Collapse

Lee County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Lehigh Acres Manhole Collapse Bobcat excavator

A sanitary sewer manhole recently failed catastrophically in Lehigh Acres. In late December, an emergency call came in that the manhole had collapsed close to one of their busiest roads, creating a large opening. Recognizing the immediate danger to vehicles and pedestrians alike, the U.S. Water team acted quickly to secure the site and coordinate maintenance-of-traffic services to secure the hazard so they could begin their investigation into what caused the failure and make appropriate reparations. It was ultimately determined that the cause was attributed to a deterioration in the top section of the manhole structure itself. Over time and exposure to the elements, this result is not uncommon. A new top section was ordered and installed. As an added layer of protection, the entire structure was epoxy-lined to maximize the effectiveness of the repair and life of the manhole. Through quick and decisive action on the repair crew’s part, further damage to the manhole and injury to passersby was avoided.