MacDill Air Force Base: Contract Renewal

Tampa, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - MacDill Air Force Base Contract Renewal - Water operations, wastewater operations

The Department of Defense (DoD) privatized the MacDill AFB water and sewer systems in March of 2011 by selling their utility assets to the FGUA. This was the FGUA’s first government-to-government transaction. With U.S. Water’s assistance, the FGUA won this acquisition through a highly competitive national bidding process. After our initial 10-year contract, U.S. Water and FGUA recently renewed our contract for an additional 10-years to continue to operate and maintain the water and wastewater utility. U.S. Water provides management of the R&R, CIP and constructs all improvements through design-build contracts with the FGUA.

Working on the MacDill AFB presented U.S. Water with new challenges. In support of the Operations and Maintenance activities, U.S. Water was asked to communicate directly with Air Force/Government personnel when required to ensure adequate notifications. This could include outages, design reviews, meetings with base consultants or communications with the Defense Logistics Authority (DLA) in Washington D.C. U.S. Water provides a dedicated liaison between the FGUA, U.S. Water, and U.S. Water staff to ensure complete, clear communications. U.S. Water performs over 90% of the contractual work required by the Federal government. MacDill AFB is a host base to many high-profile Special Operations departments such as; CENTCOM and SOCOM, so the need for coordination is crucial. All work must receive approval from the Base and coordinated with the many Base activities including work on the active airfield. U.S. Water must also coordinate work with the FAA, adding to the complexity.

U.S. Water worked to develop a winning strategy that outlined an aggressive capital plan consisting of 25 projects that address the failing infrastructure and upgrades to the treatment plants. These projects, totaling over $10 million, largely designed build projects, and all were completed ahead of schedule and on budget. U.S. Water has performed over $28 million in R&R and capital improvements since 2011.

The MacDill AFB systems consist of one WWTP and one WTP both rated for 1.2 MGD, reuse irrigation system, collection, and distribution system. Many of these assets are nearing the end of its service life and are in need of replacement. U.S. Water provides Operations, Maintenance, Utility Management, and direct oversight of Permitting, R&R, and Capital Improvement planning.

The City of Tampa is the primary source of water for the MacDill Water Treatment Plant. Through a project designed and built by U.S. Water, the incoming City of Tampa water is continuously analyzed to determine the proper dosages for chlorine and ammonia which are automatically set by the enhanced SCADA system improving water quality.


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