Nassau County Contract Award and Transition

Nassau County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Nassau County, Florida - Wastewater Treatment Plant

U.S. Water Services Corporation (U.S. Water) has entered into an agreement with the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) to provide water and wastewater operations, maintenance, and customer service for the Nassau County utility system. The contract includes an additional 15 employees to support the utility system.

The utility system consists of a water treatment system producing approximately 4.065 million gallons per day (MGD) that serves the residents of Amelia Island. The utility system also includes a wastewater treatment facility permitted for 0.95 MGD. The wastewater treatment plant process produces reclaimed water used for local golf course irrigation.

The contract term is an initial five-year followed by an optional five-year renewal. The total contract value is variable, based on the renewals and replacements in accordance with the contract, but estimated to generate in excess of $2MM annually. This agreement is an interim agreement until the County is able to divest the utility by selling the system to the FGUA. This transaction is pending a change in legislation that allows the FGUA to purchase the system.


The last two years, U.S. Water was previously engaged by the County to provide day-to-day utility management. U.S. Water provided a manager, Ron Ketteman, who oversaw the project prior to the FGUA’s agreement. During our interim management, we provided stability to the daily operations and maintenance. One example where U.S. Water was able to provide expert advice that allowed the County to alter the scope of a project that saved the County approximately $300,000 involving a manhole replacement project. Collectively, U.S. Water estimates that we have saved the County in excess of $1,000,000 since our involvement.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Nassau County, Florida - Anoxic Zone, Wastewater Treatment
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