Operator Training: Nutrient Removal Education

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Operator Training on Nutrient Removal

U.S. Water is developing a proprietary internal operator training program focused on package plant operations. With the continued trend of increasing environmental regulations and treatment technologies, we want to ensure that our operations staff is well prepared for these changes. The purpose of our training program includes:

  • To improve regulatory compliance;
  • Provide consistent operations across Regions;
  • Establish minimum expectations of routine visits;
  • Improve communications relative to exceedances, establish a communication plan;
  • Identify specialized training needs, i.e., nutrient removal, membrane systems, SBR’s, etc.

We are in the early stages of development, but the training will cover various treatment processes, disposal methods, plant hydraulics, process control, operator equipment, and an in-depth troubleshooting guide. U.S. Water’s history and growth are rooted in providing exceptional operations and solving complex technical treatment problems. We are committed to investing in our staff to continue to provide unsurpassed operations services to our clients. There is much work ahead. As our program develops and advances, additional information will be provided.


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