Otter Creek: Water Quality Improvements

Levy County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Otter Creek Water Treatment Plant

U.S. Water recently completed work in January of 2021 on the Otter Creek Water Treatment Facility. The town of Otter Creek was awarded a CDBG Grant to improve the water quality and dependability. The USDA Rural Development Special Evaluation Assistance for Rural Communities and Households (SEARCH) grant program, authorized in the 2008 Farm Bill to provide grants for predevelopment, planning design assistance, and technical assistance to small, financially distressed communities, was the kick-start that Otter Creek so desperately needed to get their residents clean, safe drinking water.

The main problems that were addressed were high iron levels in the water supply and the formation of disinfection byproducts in the treated water. With high levels of trihalomethanes and iron in the water supply, U.S. Water worked with the city on constructing a new service building, three high service pumps, electrical, and instrumentation. Initially, the project went over budget but U.S. Water revised the original scope so the city could move forward with the project successfully. U.S. Water dealt with some difficulties and delays due to the COVID-19 challenges, extending the project longer than expected. Otter Creek is a Small town in Levy County, Florida, just outside of Cedar Key, with about 134 people.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Otter Creek Water Treatment Plant
Otter Creek Water Treatment Plant before work started
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Otter Creek Treatment Plant After
Otter Creek Water Treatment Plant after work is complete
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