Case Studies

U.S. Water was recently awarded the contract to replace fire hydrant assemblies (FHA’s) on an as-needed basis for Hillsborough County. The contract is valued at $715,750.00.U.S. Water Services Corporation - Hillsborough County Fire Hydrant Replacement A fire hydrant is a critical component of a utility’s infrastructure. Firefighters, of course, rely on them daily to help protect the life and property of the communities they serve. They are also used by maintenance departments, construction crews, and other emergency services, so keeping them in good working order is essential. Yearly inspections are a great way to ensure that the fire hydrants remain in good working order and ready to serve the community when necessary. Typically, the useable life of a fire hydrant is around 50 years and having a reliable system of fire hydrants is vital. When a fire hydrant begins showing its age, the utility will determine the right time to replace or remove the hydrant. The contract won by U.S. Water is for this latter phase in the life cycle. We have the experience, equipment, and personnel to execute the work required with ease and expedience. Having worked with the County for many years and on numerous contracts, they know they can rely on us to assure this vital service is ready when called upon. By taking care of hydrants, a water source will be available to all who need it, when they need it.  


U.S. Water was recently awarded the contract to replace fire hydrant assemblies (FHA’s) on an as-needed basis for Hillsborough County. The contract is valued at $715,750.00. A fire hydrant is a critical component of a utility’s......[Read More]

U.S. Water recently completed work in January of 2021 on the Otter Creek Water Treatment Facility. The town of Otter Creek was awarded a CDBG Grant to improve the water quality and dependability. The USDA Rural Development Special Evaluation......[Read More]

On December 28, 2020, Citrus Waterworks, Inc. (Citrus Waterworks) purchased the Ellsworth and Blackwater Heights water utility systems from Sunshine Utilities of Central Florida.  The utility is located in Citrus County.  The Ellsworth community......[Read More]

Collier Utility Company acquired the water and wastewater utility from Lee Cypress Water and Sewer Co-Op, Inc. (Lee Cypress) on December 28, 2020.   Lee Cypress was a not-for-profit corporation formed as a Co-Op on August 31, 1990, to provide......[Read More]

February 15th, 2021, Texas was hit by the historic winter storm Uri, the first in many years. The storm left millions of people living without electricity, water, and heat after tearing through the state. In preparation for the storm, USW Utility......[Read More]

Since 2010 U.S. Water has had the privilege of providing wastewater services to the City of Key Colony Beach. In February of 2019, through a competitive bidding process, U.S. Water was awarded a 5-year contract with 5 (1) year renewals. The City’s......[Read More]

U.S. Water was contacted by the board of the Sunset Beach/300 Ocean Mile Utility Co-Operative Inc. to provide a proposal to operate their wastewater treatment facility. The remote location of the facility coupled with the complexity of the treatment......[Read More]

Meadowood Community Association is a homeowner association owned utility system servicing an 18-hole golf course and subdivision with 400 homes. Meadowood's water and wastewater facilities are on-site and have been in service since 1982. In 2006,......[Read More]

In October 2010, USW Utility Group (USWUG) was awarded the operation contract for the Fort Dodge wastewater treatment facility. Pleased with the quality of USWUG's work, the City elected to expand the scope of services on July 1st, 2016, to include......[Read More]