Pasco County Lift Station Rehabilitation Contract Renewal

Pasco County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Pasco County Lift Station Rehabilitation Contract Renewal - Maintenance Services

U.S. Water has been awarded the Pasco County Lift Station Rehabilitation contract for the last nine years in a row. As the County has the latitude to disqualify applicants at their discretion, this is no small accomplishment and clear evidence of their overall satisfaction with our work. We can thank the skill and professionalism of the crews assigned to this contract as they continue to meet the demands of the client year after year. The work involves partial to complete rehabilitations of stations ranging in size from 3-inch to 12-inch discharge piping. The County has been on an aggressive restoration schedule and has set no limits on how many stations can be worked on per contract year. The field crew dedicated to this contract consists of Russell Black, August Smith, Brian Sweeten, Ernesto McCloud, and Alvin Elder. Led by Dan Stouffer, they represent some of the best that U.S. Water has to offer and have been able to restore as many as 60 lift stations in a single year! Impressive to say the least. We are proud of their work and how well they represent the company.