San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment Facility

San Antonio, TX
Owner Name: City of San Antonio, Texas
Service Categories:
O&M: Drinking Water,
Infrastructure Rehabilitation,
Project Name: San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment Facility
Contract Term: 2016 – 2017

In an effort to find a replacement O&M partner, a representative from the Zachary Parsons Joint Venture group contacted USWUG regarding interest in starting up a $120,000,000 design build project – the San Antonio Water System’s Reverse Osmosis facility (SAWS RO). Due to time constraints, USWUG had to quickly compile and submit qualifications of the Company and personnel to include the requirement for a Texas Water Operations Company.  After a two-month rigorous evaluation process, USWUG’s credentials were accepted by the SAWS selection committee.

USWUG was responsible for the start up and operation of the facility within compliance over several phases. Those phases included start-up and shakedown, commissioning, full operations, and finally training the SAWS operators. Upon full operation phase and training phase, the operational activities had to be performed by a Texas Water Operations Company with RO experience and meet the certification requirements to treat the water and place it into the SAWS distribution system. USWUG was that company!

Given USWUG’s extensive RO experience, we were able to meet all project certification requirements relative to the operation and treatment of brackish water from the Wilcox aquifer for eventual flow into the SAWS distribution system. Given the abundance of brackish water in the Wilcox aquifer, this alternative water source will add significantly to the SAWS drinking water supply which could support up to 53,000 households daily. The SAWS Facility is a reverse osmosis treatment plant with a design capacity of 12 MGD.  The system consists of 5 skids of membranes each capable of producing up to 2.4 MGD per rack. There are 3 injection wells that handle the concentrate stream or reject generated by the RO system process. Estimated production of the concentrate stream is 1.11 MGD of 10,000 mg/L TDS.

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