Sunbridge Stewardship District: Rapid Growth and Development

Osceola County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Sunbridge Stewardship District Del Webb Community.

Since the first sale in October 2020, Sunbridge Stewardship Districts’ first neighborhood, Del Webb, has grown from 30 residents to 100 residents. Over half of the 418 lots have already been sold, exceeding all expectations. Homebuyers are moving from all over the United States to join these beautiful communities. Del Webb is going to be moving forward with phase two, which will begin in July 2021. This phase will add about 500 lots to the existing 55 and older neighborhood. Sunbridge has already started constructing its second neighborhood, Weslyn Park, which will introduce 100 lots to the community in its first phase. U.S. Water Services Corporation - Sunbridge Stewardship District: Del Webb Neighborhood

The growth of the Districts communities mirrors the growth of the population in the state of Florida. Florida has become a destination for all types of people, from young to old. Florida has been one of the most rapidly growing states in the nation for many years and is expected to continue multiplying in the future. In 1900, Florida was one of the smallest states east of the Mississippi River, with a population of barely half a million. By 2000 its population had grown to almost 16 million, making it the fourth largest state in the nation. From first thoughts of development in 2016 to the first house being sold in 2020, U.S. Water has been involved in all aspects of this project. U.S. Water provides turnkey utility services to the District, including operations, maintenance, construction inspection, utility specifications, meter reading, customer service, accounting, engineering, and billing for water, wastewater, and reclaimed water irrigation systems.


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