Sunset Beach Wastewater Treatment Facility

St. George Island, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Sunset Beach/300 Ocean Mile Utility Co-Operative Inc. Wastewater Treatment Facility

U.S. Water was contacted by the board of the Sunset Beach/300 Ocean Mile Utility Co-Operative Inc. to provide a proposal to operate their wastewater treatment facility. The remote location of the facility coupled with the complexity of the treatment process initially proved challenging. Before U.S. Water commenced operations, process control samples revealed the treatment facility would require adjustments to meet the permit limits: <6 TN, <3.5 TP.

U.S. Water took over contract operations of the Sunset Beach/300 Ocean Mile Utility Co-Operative Inc. Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) on February 1st, 2021. The WWTF is a permitted 45,000 gallon per day (GPD) Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) facility. The WWTF is located in an environmentally sensitive area, just off the Gulf of Mexico. The WWTF utilizes the MLE (ModifiedU.S. Water Services Corporation - Sunset Beach/300 Ocean Mile Co-Operative Inc. Wastewater Treatment Facility Ludzack Ettinger) process. The facility includes a flow equalization tank, an anoxic-denitrification tank, two aeration tanks, two secondary clarifiers, a dosing tank, two filters, a clearwell, and two chlorine contact chambers. After commencing the facility’s operation, our operations staff adjusted influent loading rates, RAS rates, recirculation rates, and aeration. We also began dosing alum that had previously been suspended. Recent lab results confirmed these adjustments worked, and the facility now meets the strenuous permit limits.

The Sunset Beach WWTF sits on two acres of land right on the ocean, about 30 feet from the Gulf of Mexico and 1,000 feet from the Apalachicola Bay. The WWTF provides service to 33 single-family homes in Sunset Beach and about 99 Condominiums in 300 Ocean Mile. The facility is located on St. George Island, off the Florida Panhandle in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Located in Franklin County, Florida, St. George Island is known for being quiet and tranquil due to its small size. St. George Island is a barrier island twenty-eight miles long and about one mile wide at its widest point.


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