USW Utility Group Hosts Fort Dodge Fire Department: Confined Space Training

Fort Dodge, IA
U.S. Water Services Corporation - USW Utility Group - Fort Dodge Fire Depeartment Confined Space Training

USW Utility Group was able to host the Fort Dodge Fire Department Confined Space Training course, allowing the department access to various spaces in and around the wastewater treatment facility. They have used the spaces before and it has become an annual function. The Chief and training officer reached out to Travis Pender, USW Utility Group’s Fort Dodge Utility Manager, about having a national outfit performing the training for them and surrounding departments. OSHA defines a confined space as being “large enough that a person can bodily enter, has limited or restricted means for entry or exit, and is not designed for continuous occupancy,” and if the space has one or more of the following – potential for a hazardous atmosphere, the potential for engulfment, entrapping internal configuration, or any other serious hazards – OSHA requires these spaces be classified and marked as “Permit Required”. They performed recoveries from one of our large basins, a drained VLR tank, a digester, and a steep slope hill.

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