The City of Jamaica Beach issued an RFP in early October for the Operation and Management of the Municipal water and wastewater system and wastewater treatment plant. A competitive bid process took place, in which two (2) other firms had responded...[Read More]

U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC) stepped in with relief operations to help Flagler County Utilities. The County recognized the value of the USWSC team and request a long term solution. USWSC provided due diligence services to the FGUA after...[Read More]

Heavener Utilities Authority (HUA) governs the City facilities and issued an RFP in early December with a start date of January 1st, 2020. This was a very short turn around because the HUA had decided to terminate their current agreement with...[Read More]

On July 1st, 2019 Royal Waterworks, Inc. (Royal Waterworks) purchased the water and wastewater systems from the previous owners - Royal Utility Company. Located in the beautiful city of Coral Springs, Florida, Royal Waterworks serves over 4,400...[Read More]

Following a competitive bid process, USW Utility Group (USWUG) was awarded the contract for Operations, Maintenance, and Management of the City of Winterset, Iowa Wastewater Treatment Facility, Collection System and Lift Stations.  The City of...[Read More]

On August 1, 2019, USW Utility Group (USWUG) was awarded the contract for the Operations, Maintenance and Management of the City of Galena, IL water and wastewater utilities due to USWUG’s vast experience and expertise in optimizing water and...[Read More]

Through a competitive bidding process, U.S. Water Services Corporation entered into a five-year contract, with the Georgia Department of Corrections to provide Management, Operations, and Maintenance services to the water and wastewater facilities....[Read More]

In an effort to find a replacement O&M partner, a representative from the Zachary Parsons Joint Venture group contacted USWUG regarding interest in starting up a $120,000,000 design build project – the San Antonio Water System’s Reverse...[Read More]

On July 1, 2014, USW Utility Group (USWUG) began a five (5) year contract with the City of Grimes that was awarded through the competitive bidding process. USWUG’s contract requires operations, maintenance and overall management of its water and...[Read More]