Gas Leak Detected: Linebrook Drive

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Gas Leak Detected

On Friday, January 29th, Josh Mitchell and Jason Amiott were working in Trinity on Linebrook Drive when they detected an odor of natural gas. Concerned, they traced the gas leak source and discovered it was coming from an above-ground gas meter. In keeping a safe mindset, the pair contacted the number on the meter’s side to report the issue and were advised a tech would be dispatched. They notified the homeowner and adjacent neighbor to verify they were aware of the problem. The homeowner had been in contact with Clearwater Gas, but they told her not to worry about it. Later, the tech from Clearwater Gas arrived on site to inspect the meter. Curious about what was occurring, Josh and Jason spoke with the technician and were informed: “This gas leak is a serious concern that could have injured people through an explosion or gas inhalation.” Josh and Jason’s safe thinking possibly saved lives or at the very least prevented serious injury to the homeowner and nearby residents.


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