Healthcare Increase

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Healthcare Increases

As you may have noticed, this past open enrollment resulted in a 12% increase in medical insurance premiums – 70% of which was absorbed by the employer and 30% of which was absorbed by our employees. This unfortunate increase resulted from an increase in medical spending due to some preventable health conditions. To combat these high-risk conditions (such as hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, etc.), U.S. Water has decided to launch new efforts into our wellness campaigns for the 2021-2022 plan year. We plan to emphasize fitness, nutrition, and stress-reducing activities to look out for the well-being of our employees and reduce the rising cost of health insurance. We are here to help you live your happiest and healthiest life, so if you have anything you think would benefit you and your coworkers, please reach out and let us know!