News Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion

USW Utility Group - HC Galveston Subsidence District 3

Harris County Galveston Subsidence District is a special purpose district created by the Texas Legislature in 1975. The District was created to provide for the regulation of groundwater withdrawal throughout Harris and Galveston counties for the purpose of preventing land subsidence, which leads to increased flooding. Through the studies that are conducted by the Harris County Galveston Subsidence District; City and Municipalities that are heavily dependent on groundwater are becoming regionalized and having to accept mandated percentages of surface water. HC MUD 412 (Operated by USW Utility Group) receives 100% surface water from the City of Houston’s Northeast Water Purification Plant which currently is an 80 MGD Purification Plant. On December 13, 2019; USW Utility Group Regional Manager Corey Bostick, USW Utility Group Operator Justin Sciarappa, BGE Kevin Gilligan, ABHR Susan Edwards, HC 412 District Board Directors, City of Houston, and staff from Waterworks toured the Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion. The new plant is designed to produce 320 MGD by the year 2024 to help reduce the amount of groundwater being produced in Harris and surrounding counties.