Municipal Utility Districts


A Municipal Utilities District, also known as MUD, is essentially a special political subdivision that functions as an independent and limited government. MUDs are created by the State over a limited area and approved by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to provide sewage, water, drainage, and other services to property owners within the district boundaries.


USW Utility Group partners with MUDs throughout the State of Texas, delivering the most advanced clean water and wastewater treatment solutions. We are a TCEQ licensed operating company that can manage every component of your water and wastewater system providing operations and maintenance, customer service, regulatory compliance, stormwater management, builder services, and asset management.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - USW Utility Group - MUD Wastewater Treatment Facility

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Water


Operate and Maintain every component of your drinking water system to include production wells, storage, the treatment process, and the distribution infrastructure.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Wastewater


Operate and Maintain to optimize every facet of the wastewater facilities, from the collection system and lift stations to the treatment plant.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Customer Service


Provide a customer service solution tailor-made to fit your needs and objectives made up of utility billing, collection, meter reading, meter installation and repair, reporting, field services, and customer service center.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Regulatory Compliance


Develop plans and schedules to ensure that all compliance requirements are performed and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Stormwater Management


From stormwater pump stations, detention, and attention ponds, to wet system management, we assist in making sure you stay in compliance.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Builder Services


A direct line of communication is established between engineers, builders, and contractors for any plan reviews, temporary meters, customer service inspections, taps, TCEQ inspections, and final inspections.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - MUD Asset Management


Find ways to better equip your facilities for the future by utilizing computerized asset management and work order systems to help make decisions on determining its impact on compliance, safety, operation, and other extensive variables.

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