Compliance Management 

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides complete compliance management services for all clients. By working closely with your local management team, U.S. Water Services Corporation develops plans and schedules to ensure that all compliance requirements are performed and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency and owner in a timely manner. This process is enhanced by our proven track record of developing constructive partnerships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Quality Control

By enlisting the expertise of U.S. Water Services Corporation, our clients can expect sound, reliable quality control and quality assurance in a wide range of compliance management matters. U.S. Water Services Corporation’s Compliance staff consists of a department manager, quality control manager, and six compliance coordinators who provide reports for over 900 facilities. Our fifteen-person staff of professionals comprising our Compliance Department has the ability to:

  • Track owner/operator regulatory commitments to include administrative orders, consent orders, etc.
  • Prepare all regulatory reports: Federal, State, County, and Regulatory Commissions
  • Implement the application of real-time industrial flow monitoring software
  • Develop, communicate and perform activities related to regulatory advisories, such as boil water notices
  • Provide regulatory guidance
  • Conduct compliance audits
  • Ensure accurate compliance tracking of route operations
  • Develop and monitor sampling plans
  • Direct and ensure completion of direct sample collection activities, including circuit routes
  • Provide guidance on sustainable industrial wastewater treatment practices

Drinking-Water Monitoring

U.S. Water Services Corporation prepares more than 10,000 drinking water reports annually. Depending on the needs of the client, customer or regulatory recipient, reports such as the Monthly Operating Reports (MOR) or Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) can be delivered electronically or in hardcopy in the mail. We also develop compliance sampling plans which allow our staff to track over 10,000 sampling parameters and events for our clients on a yearly basis. Sampling parameters may include bacteriological, lead and copper, primary inorganics, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) among several others.

Wastewater Monitoring

Annually, U.S. Water Services Corporation prepares and electronically files over 7000 wastewater reports in the form of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) or Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Reports. These reports represent the collection of greater than 25,000 samples to include parameters such as Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphorus, Nitrates, Fecal Coliform, Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD), etc.

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