Services Consulting

It is U.S. Water Services Corporation’s goal to provide intelligent, high quality and cost effective consulting services. Whether a client is experiencing a common issue with water resources, or a not-so-common environmental problem—we always strive to find creative but practical solutions, and always putting the utmost emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency during the entire consulting process.

Our Approach

At U.S. Water Services Corporation, we believe that delivering the highest quality consulting services starts with establishing the highest level of professional conduct and ethical principles. U.S. Water Services Corporation is committed to:


  • Providing realistic cost estimates
  • Working within budget
  • Implementing and maintaining a quality control and assurance policy
  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Maintaining a cordial and professional relationship with the regulatory community
  • Completing each project to the highest professional and ethical standards
U.S. Water Services Corporation has the extensive technical expertise to match the complexity of virtually any problem. Our company combines the knowledge of our engineers and field personnel in both operation and construction – maintaining close coordination amongst multiple teams to ensure the successful execution of each and every consulting solution. These same attributes are why larger engineering firms often partner with U.S. Water Services Corporation. Also, by having staff with regulatory and engineering experience assigned to any specific consulting project, it helps ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements during implementation.


Engineering Consulting

As a full service engineering and operation company, we have the broad knowledge and specific experience required to provide our clients with value engineering services they need to manage their water and wastewater utilities. Our engineering staff is capable of providing high quality and cost effective consulting engineering services based on extensive experience with a wide range of projects for large and small clients in the government and private sectors. Our engineering consulting capabilities include:

  • Process Selection Technology
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Utility system master planning
  • Water quality studies
  • Utility system acquisition evaluations
  • Proforma life cycle cost analysis
  • Facility capacity analysis
  • Odor control management
  • Hydropneumatic tank testing
  • Practical CIP analysis focusing on rate payer impact
  • Facility design


Help With Expert Testimony

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides expert testimony consulting to help clients in the development of litigious strategies relative to water and wastewater utility matters. Whether taking the stand in a courtroom, or incorporating technical findings into a client’s arbitration or mediation, our team of expert testimony consultants is prepared to deliver an unbiased opinion based on sound scientific methods, proven analytical techniques and extensive work experience.


Utility Transactional Services

U.S. Water Services Corporation has managed over 76 successful transactions between private utilities and governmental entities. U.S. Water Services Corporation provides a range of professional due diligence services. This includes a thorough evaluation of utility assets to be transferred, as well as developer agreements, operations agreements and other agreements to which the utility is obligated. Additionally, we perform facility condition assessments; identify future capital needs of a utility; develop operational, maintenance and capital budgets; as well as determine system compliance with permitting, and applicable laws and standards for potential deficiencies.