Laboratory Services

With a total of 15 certified lab managers and technicians, U.S. Water Services Corporation’s laboratory experts can design, staff, and operate water and wastewater utility laboratories. Analyses performed may be compliance samples mandated by various regulatory agencies or process in nature to ensure adequate treatment. Collectively, we provide laboratory services of varying degrees at municipal and private projects in Iowa, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Our team of certified laboratory experts will:

  • Provide all sampling, testing, and analytical procedures in accordance with current Standard Methods Edition or applicable law
  • Conduct required compliance analyses in association with the appropriate local, state, or federal regulatory agencies
  • Ensure proper functioning and calibration of analytical equipment with the use of certified technicians
  • Develop, customize, and implement laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Develop and implement a Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program

The Laboratory QA/QC program shall include:

  • Preparation of a monitoring plan with associated map and sample station locations
  • Sample type description, frequency of collection and analysis to be performed
  • SOPs for sample collection, sample handling, laboratory analysis, and sampling storage procedures including sample preservation, sample container cleaning, calibration and operation of field instruments.
  • Copies of chain of custody forms, laboratory bench sheets, and other documents used to record sample and analytical information.
  • Procedures for copying, maintaining and verifying sampling data from off-site laboratories
  • Record keeping and regulatory reporting procedures
  • Description of software programs to store sample data
  • Annual laboratory audits to be conducted by USWSC or an independent audit agency
  • Procedures for auditing quality control and quality assurance of off-site laboratories
  • Calibrate analytical instrumentation annually or in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and applicable law
  • Require use of bound numbered bench sheets for recording laboratory information
  • Update QA/AC plan annually to reflect any and all changes

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

U.S. Water Services Corporation is also capable of designing, operating, and maintaining a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with a secure web portal. Our goal is to provide each user with the tools necessary to easily and quickly retrieve real-time laboratory analysis data to enhance environmental compliance performance.

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