A fundamental tenet of our company operation includes safety. Our relentless commitment to safety includes accountability, the sound judgement of our experienced employees, compliance with industry standards, and regulatory requirements. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers. Operating throughout the United States our corporation requires a uniform workplace safety training program that meets or exceeds OSHA, DOT, and EPA standards.

Safety Culture

The U.S. Water Services Corporation’s training program is developed and specifically aimed at water, wastewater, and the underground utility industry. Training topics are accredited and tailored to provide relevant and impactful information to students using similar equipment, chemicals, and situations encountered within the industry. Our trainers are authorized by OSHA to conduct training on OSHA-specific topics. Our organization employs several key components to facilitate safety culture:

  • Online EH&S training program in partnership with Summit Training Source
  • Monthly Regional Manager Safety meetings
  • Designated Corporate Safety Managers
  • Continuing education for our licensed water treatment and distribution operators
  • Annual onsite regional safety trainings

Other Services

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Chris Gutschow
Chris Gutschow

Mr. Gutschow is Director of Business Development at U.S. Water Services Corporation d/b/a USW Utility Group. Chris has been with the company since 2018 where he works to build relationships and develop credibility with customers along with understanding their business, its goals and objectives, and identifying areas where we can help the customer meet those goals.