Ed Mitchell

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Ed Mitchell - Senior Vice President and General Manager

As Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ed joined USWSC in October 2013. He is responsible for maintaining corporate margins and developing business efficiencies for cost savings; organizational development; primary client management for more than 700 clients; corporate marketing and media relations. Ed brings extensive administrative leadership experience to the company given his 30 years in the municipal leadership arena. Prior to joining USWSC, Ed performed in the role of City Administrator for the City of West Palm Beach which has a population of 110,000, covering 56 square miles and possessing an employee base of 1500. At various intervals in his distinguished career Ed also served as the interim Community Redevelopment Executive Director and Acting City Administrator, both positions with the City of West Palm Beach.

Ed received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Service from St. Michael’s College (Vermont) and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University, School of Management (Boston, MA). He acquired professional certification in the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Program and is recognized as an ICMA Credentialed Manager.

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