Gary Deremer

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Gary Deremer - President and CEO

As Principal Founder and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC) established in 2003, Gary brings more than 30 years of progressive, successful experience in all phases of water and wastewater treatment and management services. He is responsible for the overall business operation, strategic direction, public relations, and long-term sustainability while providing expertise relative to system startups, management of municipal and private systems, professional consulting, rate case and capital improvement planning, technical diagnostics, treatment process operations, and construction.

Prior to founding USWSC, Gary held several executive positions to include City Utility Manager, Founder and President of H2O Utility Services, Inc., and Florida Vice President of Utility Operations with American Water Services. Gary holds a Utility Construction Contractor License as issued by the FDBPR and is licensed as Class A/B Water and Wastewater Utility Operator by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as well as licenses in other states. Gary has been recognized and selected as an expert witness with regard to his utility related expertise, given his diverse career and operational and technical knowledge of water and wastewater utility industry operational criteria.

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