Ralph Amiott

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Ralph Amiott - Vice President and Director of Maintenance

Ralph has more than 30 years direct experience relating to construction, operations, maintenance and rehabilitation of water and wastewater utility systems. Currently Mr. Amiott functions as Vice President of Construction and Maintenance Services on behalf of U.S. Water Services Corporation. In this position he ensures that all repair services of the utility systems serviced by U.S. Water Services are executed per regulatory requirements and in keeping with industry construction standards. Ralph’s field staff is responsible for monitoring the mechanical function of utility equipment, oversight of all rehabilitation projects, emergency repairs and provide on the job apprentice training for persons interested in learning the specialty mechanics related to water and wastewater facilities and systems.

Since 1993, Ralph has provided supervision and management of more than 100 employees in Florida, Texas, Iowa and Oklahoma. His vast experience specific to the water and wastewater service industry, enables him to mentor direct reports toward successful construction and maintenance business development, scheduling, and completion.

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