COVID-19 Relief Assistance: City of Prairie View Shares “Farmers to Families” Food Boxes

The COVID-19 relief assistance event: “Farmers to Families” took place on July 15th and 16th, at the Waller County Community Center in the City of Prairie View, Texas. USW Utility Group was able to attend this community event and help hand out food boxes to local families in need. Residents received 1,536 boxes of fruits and vegetables on Thursday, and 3,400 boxes of chicken on Friday! Vehicles were lined up for approximately three miles, remaining orderly and moving quickly thanks to the assistance of Prairie View City Police, University Police, City Utilities Supervisor, City Utility Department personnel, and USW Utility Group. Boxes were also delivered to home-bound residents by community volunteers. It is beautiful to see a community come together during these trying times, and we are so excited we could be a part of this event!