Process Control & Monitoring (PC&MSM) System

U.S. Water’s proprietary PC&M system offers a streamlined and effective approach to data collection and monitoring for water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Improve Your Workflow

Benefits of PC&M

PC&M is revolutionizing the water and wastewater industry by harnessing untapped facility data and converting it into actionable insights, enhancing business decision-making and operational efficiency. With features like real-time remote access to operational data, automated custom reporting, and a secure repository for operational, regulatory, and safety documentation, PC&M is a game-changer for your operations. U.S. Water’s PC&M system delivers labor efficiencies and cost savings while streamlining operations at your facility. Key features and benefits include:

Remote Data Entry

Effective Reporting

Enhanced Trend Analysis

Operational Cost Reductions

Institutionalized Plant Operations

Key Features

Central Document Repository

Never fumble around looking for important documents again. Upload text, image, and spreadsheet files and associate them with configurable categories.

Built-in O&M E-Manual

Create an expert system by leveraging repository documents into a media-rich O&M electronic manual.

Flexible Configuration

An unlimited number of data fields, data entry screens, alarms, and reports can be configured for every site. Customizable to fit every clients specific needs.

Data Log Frequencies

The data log capability can capture data at different logging frequencies, like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually, as well as static.

Data Validation

Enforced minimums and maximums prevent typographical entry errors. Apply default values for the most common values making data entry a breeze.

Data Log Import

Use a tablet and Microsoft Excel to capture data offline and then import it with just a few taps.

Complex Calculations

Automatically fill data fields using sophisticated expressions that combine mathematical formulas, literal values, stored functions, and logic decision trees.

Alarms & Guidance

Trigger an alarm when a data value exceeds a tolerance and upload documents to guide operators on how to quickly recover from a warning.

Robust Reporting

Custom configured trend charts, dashboards, and state compliant Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) provide a quick operational picture and satisfy strict regulations.

Emailed Reports

Don’t have time to log in and run a report yourself? No problem, subscribe to it and you will find it in your email inbox automatically.

Data Export

Easily export data into Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, or comma separated value (CSV) formats and integrate it into your own presentations and reports.

Ad-Hoc Charting

Explore data trends with ad-hoc charting capabilities and, if you find it useful, convert it to a trend report for quick and easy access in the future.

PC&M Connect!

PC&M Connect! is a secure, small form factor data appliance that easily imports data from your plant network into our digital communication and reporting hub.


The PC&M application programming interface (API) lets you integrate PC&M data into your internal systems or custom programmed applications.

Project Highlights

Process Optimization For Waste Industry Client

U.S. Water's use of PC&M led to substantial cost reductions in treatment processes for a client in the Waste industry. Treatment costs per gallon of treated leachate decreased by 74%, from $0.38 to just $0.10.

Facility Turnaround Leads to Cost Reductions

PC&M played a key role in revamping a poorly performing treatment facility. By identifying and monitoring operational costs, treatment expenses dropped from $0.08/gallon to $0.05/gallon or less, ensuring cost predictability for the client's future budgeting.

Optimizing an Undersized Facility

PC&M improved operations for an undersized treatment facility struggling with excessive sludge hauling costs due to overcapacity. Treatment costs were significantly reduced from $0.10 to only $0.03 per gallon, resulting in annual savings exceeding $500,000.

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