Who We Are

U.S. Water Services Corporation is a leading provider of water and wastewater services. Our company partners with governments, communities, businesses, and organizations all over the United States, delivering the most advanced clean water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Our services

Operations & Maintenance

As an Operations and Maintenance partner, we understand what makes water and wastewater facilities work. U.S. Water Services Corporation operates and maintains water and wastewater facilities of all sizes, scopes, and requirements.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Consulting


It is U.S. Water Services Corporation’s goal to provide intelligent, high quality, and cost-effective consulting services. Whether the issue is common, or not-so-common- we always strive to find creative but practical solutions.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Design-Build-Operate


At U.S. Water Services Corporation, we design, build and operate facilities to meet complex and ever-changing water and wastewater management needs.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Customer Service

Customer Service

From billing and collection, to meter reading and replacement, team up with U.S. Water Services Corporation for a complete customer management solution.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Facility Commissioning/Start Up

Facility Commissioning / Start-Up

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides turnkey facility commissioning and startup services for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems: municipal or private.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Investor Owned System Management

Investor-Owned System Management

U.S. Water Services Corporation has extensive experience in the overall management of private investor-owned private water and wastewater utilities.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Temporary Operations Relief

Temporary Operations Relief

Whether your need for temporary operations relief is due to regulatory changes, or an emergency, U.S. Water Services Corporation has been there for our clients during their time of need.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Residuals Management

Residuals Management

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides a wide range of services to meet the our client’s needs including disposal, land application, permitting, and more.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Compliance Management

Compliance Management

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides complete compliance services for all clients. By working closely with your local management team, we develop plans and schedules to ensure all compliance requirements are met.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

U.S. Water Services Corporation manages state-certified laboratories for clients as well as its own laboratory facilities.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Training


U.S. Water Services Corporation understands the benefits of employee training. We know first-hand the positive impact that the right training can have on a company’s ability to provide the highest level of services.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

The Prospect of aging infrastructure is a major challenge for communities. U.S. Water Services Corporation has an experienced team of engineers and dedicated construction personnel ready and trained to assist those communities.

Client Updates

U.S. Water Services Corporation has a history of generating substantial value for our clients. Since our inception in 2003, we have steadily expanded our footprint across the county. Our growth includes over 500 employees, more than 450 clients, with offices in a growing number of states.

Highlands County Waterworks, Inc: Water Improvements

Highlands County, Florida

Highlands County Waterworks, Inc. (an Investor Owned Utility) recently completed installing two force draft aeration systems at the Lake Josephine water treatment plant (WTP) and Leisure Lakes WTP to address the high levels of hydrogen sulfide. The water issues historically experienced in the Highlands County water systems are due to several factors.  These issues have existed since the original water utility was first placed into service.   The raw water source for Highlands County Waterworks’ water systems contains naturally occurring constituents, such as iron and high levels of sulfides, which at times can cause undesirable color, taste, and odor.  Upon acquisition, the Highlands County Waterworks’ WTP utilized Adedge filters to remove elemental sulfur from the well water.

A Community Partner

U.S. Water Services Corporation strives to become an integral part of the communities we serve. We work closely with the communities in which we work to build strong relationships and partnerships.

Join Our Team

Our people make us great and we are always looking for ways to expand our talent. Regardless of your skillset or interests, U.S. Water Services Corporation is always looking for driven and hard-working individuals to join our team!

U.S. Water Services Corporation recognizes that there is a lot of uncertainty in the world today with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading and we are here to help. There is no higher priority than to protect the health and safety of our clients! We would like to take the time to provide some important information about COVID-19 as it relates to drinking water and wastewater to provide clarity and put your mind at ease. We want to assure you that we are still open for business and all operations are being maintained! Learn More