U.S. Water is a leading provider of water and wastewater services and utility management

We provide exceptional quality and expertise for our clients.

U.S. Water is recognized throughout the industry for providing unparalleled technical support and delivering the most advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions to governments, industries, cities, investor-owned utilities, districts, and organizations that serve more than 1 million end customers. 

We operate and maintain facilities across the United States with experience in virtually every type of treatment technology currently utilized in the treatment of water and wastewater. 

As an employee-owned company, we are known for quality operations, compliance, safety, and for providing innovative solutions to operational challenges.

Partner with U.S. Water

At U.S. Water, we have always approached a contract to operate water and wastewater facilities as a partnership with our client, local officials, and the community at large. We understand the true meaning of a partnership. It is not a business development slogan to us. Through years of experience, U.S. Water has developed relationships with our clients that provide a platform of trust. U.S. Water is proud to say that after 20 years, we still serve our first client.

Public Utilities

U.S. Water serves Public Utilities across the nation in the water and wastewater sector. Our services encompass operations and maintenance, ensuring regulatory compliance, safeguarding public health, and preserving financial assets.


U.S. Water specializes in the water and wastewater treatment requirements of Industrial clients. We understand the complexity of industrial treatment systems and offer services that enable our clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

To most clients, we are more than just a water company.

We’re an engineering firm, consulting group, customer service resource, wastewater treatment specialist, and operations and maintenance partner.

Below are some of the services we offer to ensure a comprehensive solution for our clients.

US Water

A Community Partner

U.S. Water is committed to being an essential part of the communities we serve. Through close collaboration with the communities in which we work, we foster strong relationships and partnerships.

Top Tier Employer

Our people make us great! U.S. Water is always looking for driven and hard-working individuals to join our team. If you’re interested in joining a nationally recognized, employee-owned and operated organization, we invite you to learn more.

US Water Top Tier Employer