Operations & Maintenance

U.S. Water specializes in O&M for public water and wastewater facilities. Our dedicated team of over 800 utility professionals brings decades of experience and lessons learned to our clients.

Our Approach

As your trusted O&M partner, U.S. Water assumes responsibility for the complete management of your water and wastewater system.

Our team of operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, and regulatory experts delivers exceptional value, extending beyond mere plant operation. By harmonizing regulatory compliance with operational necessities, we identify efficiencies and pioneering solutions to enhance performance, ensure cost predictability, and bolster economic, technical, and environmental sustainability. All the while, we diligently plan for your future requirements.

We proudly operate and maintain hundreds of facilities across the United States, encompassing virtually every treatment technology currently employed in the water and wastewater sectors. Our expertise ranges from facilities processing 5,000 gallons per day (GPD) to large 70 million gallons per day (MGD) operations, covering everything from treatment lagoons to cutting-edge reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plants. Our dedicated team of over 800 utility professionals collectively possesses decades of invaluable experience in the water and wastewater industry, with a specialized focus on O&M.

Take The Worry Out Of Staffing

Our expert workforce, technological expertise, extensive knowledge base, and comprehensive safety program are at your service. Whether your preference is for on-site professionals under our management or remote assistance from our team of technical experts, we are fully equipped to meet your staffing needs.

Temporary Operations Support

In times of regulatory changes, unexpected personnel shortages, or emergencies, U.S. Water provides swift and efficient temporary operational assistance. With over 800 professionals nationwide, including licensed operators in multiple states and disciplines, we're prepared to support your team at a moment's notice.

Emergency Utility Services

Our track record in supporting utilities during weather-related emergencies and disasters is proven. We draw from our extensive full-time operations staff, consisting of hundreds of licensed operators, to fully staff facilities in need. Water and wastewater treatment facilities, distribution systems, and collection systems each have unique requirements, and we have the precise solutions to ensure your success in any situation.

Tackle Treatment Challenges

Beyond optimizing your facility’s operational performance, U.S. Water addresses treatment challenges through innovative engineering design modifications. Our process commences with a thorough evaluation of your current system, followed by collaborative problem-solving to overcome even the most challenging operational issues.

Comprehensive Customer Service Solutions

U.S. Water has been a trusted partner to public water and wastewater clients for over two decades, delivering a wide range of customer service solutions. Our dedicated customer service specialists are committed to enhancing your customer service efficiency and cost-effectiveness, resulting in a measurable improvement in customer experience and your bottom line. Our comprehensive services range from customer service call centers and meter reading to billing, auditing, and reporting.

Efficient Compliance Management

We offer comprehensive compliance management services tailored to your needs. We collaborate closely with your team to create well-planned schedules for timely compliance tasks and deliverable submissions to regulatory agencies and owners. Our compliance services encompass tracking regulatory commitments, report preparation, real-time flow monitoring, regulatory advisory response, conducting audits, ensuring accurate tracking, sampling plans, and sustainable wastewater treatment guidance.Our dedicated Compliance team has prepared regulatory reports for over 1,000 facilities nationwide.

Ensure Long-Term Sustainability

To ensure your facility’s long-term sustainability, we employ capital forecasting and integrated repair and replacement (R&R) programs among our strategic tools. Whether it’s a minor short-term repair or a major system upgrade, we meticulously consider all critical factors to ensure compliance, safety, and the attainment of sustainable operational objectives.

Project Highlights

Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment O&M Across Florida; Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA)

Since 2009, U.S. Water has been providing O&M services under three separate regional contracts serving more than 97 separate community system utilities spanning across 14 counties, including 95 water treatment plants and 50 wastewater treatment plants. Employing over 175 employees, the contract scope includes water and wastewater treatment plant O&M; equipment repair and replacements, preventative and corrective maintenance, pipeline cleaning, repair, and replacement; residuals management; and customer service and billing services.

Water and Wastewater Utility System O&M; Fort Dodge, Iowa

In 2010, U.S. Water was awarded a contract to provide O&M of the City’s water and wastewater facilities, including a 21.6 MGD wastewater treatment plant with 12 permitted industries and 12 lift stations, nine water wells, stormwater retention basins, and pumping stations. In a separate project award, U.S. Water was retained to assist with the design of a 16.1 MGD reverse osmosis water treatment facility, and its long-term operations were added to the contract scope.

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