Infrastructure Rehabilitation
& Construction

U.S. Water’s seasoned team of engineers and dedicated construction experts stand ready to achieve your facility’s operational and strategic objectives.

Addressing Aging Infrastructure

We offer infrastructure rehabilitation services for lift stations, operational assets of water and wastewater plants, and collection and distribution systems, as well as underground piping and infrastructure replacement, serving both communities and industries. Our practical rehabilitation process targets the specific needs of aging infrastructure. Through physical upgrades, we restore deteriorating infrastructure to a condition that meets current standards of care. This rehabilitation process not only enhances asset operational efficiency but also prolongs its lifespan.

Facility Upgrades and Construction

We design, build, and operate facilities to address the dynamic and evolving requirements of water and wastewater management. As a certified water and wastewater engineering and construction firm, U.S. Water takes water and wastewater treatment design projects from concept to realization and operation, offering a single point of accountability throughout your project’s lifecycle. Our design-build-operate services encompass a wide spectrum of water and wastewater infrastructures, including facility upgrades, expansions, and new construction.

Partnering with U.S. Water as your design-build-operate collaborator provides:

Significant Time and Cost Savings

Optimized delivery schedules and cost efficiencies. We provide operational guidance and design expertise during construction, resulting in reduced lifecycle O&M costs.

Reduced Risk

Through meticulous engineering that minimizes risks, U.S. Water extends the service life of your facilities and equipment while ensuring continued plant performance over the facility's lifespan.

A Single Point of Accountability

Choosing U.S. Water for the design, construction, and operations of your facility means enjoying a single point of responsibility in a setting for limitless collaboration.

Facility Startup and Commissioning

U.S. Water delivers comprehensive turnkey commissioning and startup services for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems. Leveraging the expertise of our nationwide team of engineers, technical support specialists, certified operators, maintenance professionals, and regulatory experts, we rigorously execute commissioning activities to ensure your investment’s operational and compliance verification. Our approach integrates the insights of facility owners, engineers, contractors, and regulators during pre-commission planning, ensuring a thorough evaluation and testing framework. Our primary objective is to deliver a facility that is commissioned and initiated on schedule, facilitating a seamless transition from the design and construction phase to operational readiness.

The Facility Commissioning Process

Our commissioning team initiates its assessment by scrutinizing the contract documents, verifying their detailed description of the work scope, individual components, testing methods, training plans, warranty details, equipment specifications, and post-installation support. Following the contract document review, we formulate plans outlining the components to be tested and the methods for verifying system effectiveness. We assess monitoring and control modes and simulate abnormal operational scenarios. The process culminates in the successful execution of full-scale facility operations.

Project Highlights

American Beach Septic Tank Phase Out; Nassau Amelia Utilities, Florida

In September 2022, U.S. Water secured a contract to replace septic tanks with public utilities in the community of American Beach, providing residents with a safe and reliable water system. The project involves installing 2.5 miles of new sewer and water mains, two lift stations, 50+ manholes, 15 fire hydrants, and eight automatic flushing devices. Costing $7.8 million, the project is partially funded by grants, including Florida DEP State Revolving Funds for clean water and drinking water loans. Early project activities included material procurement, Right of Way permits, and relocating 35 gopher turtles. Construction began late in 2022 and is set to conclude in early 2024.

New 0.20 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility, Town of Lake Hamilton, Florida

In 2022, U.S. Water secured a contract to construct a 0.2 MGD wastewater treatment facility for the Town. The facility is essential to accommodate wastewater demands from new residential developments and will be located on available land. Furthermore, it falls under the stricter treatment and nutrient removal standards within the FDEP Lake Okeechobee basin management plan (BMAP) area. In response to the Town's request, our engineering, operations, and construction experts conducted a Value Engineering (VE) assessment, resulting in 17 scope modifications and reductions that saved approximately $1.3 million for the project.

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