About Us

U.S. Water Services Corporation is a leading provider of water and wastewater services. We partner with governments, communities, businesses, and organizations all over the United States, delivering the most advanced clean water and wastewater treatment solutions. U.S. Water Services Corporation provides clients with practical yet innovative services and support at every point in the water and wastewater cycle.

From industrial water and wastewater pretreatment to drinking water service. From wastewater engineering and rehabilitation to water and wastewater billing and collection. From operational management and consulting to environmental compliance. U.S. Water Services Corporation is dedicated to giving community water and wastewater systems the resources they need to flourish and expand. As an ideal Operations and Maintenance partner, we keep treatment plants running at top efficiency and in full compliance – not only helping municipalities and industries move forward sustainably but helping them make water and wastewater into a competitive advantage.

Why Choose U.S. Water Services Corporation

U.S. Water Services Corporation is uniquely qualified to handle clients’ most complex water and wastewater needs and tackle their toughest challenges. Since first incorporated in 2003, U.S. Water Services Corporation has grown to become the largest privately-owned utility management, operations, and maintenance company in Florida. Nationally, U.S. Water Services Corporation treats up to 350 million gallons of water and wastewater daily. U.S. Water Services Corporation builds, operates, and manages various types of water and wastewater facilities, programs and systems. Our team of water and wastewater specialists are industry-renowned at identifying key assets, finding more efficient solutions—and passing savings to our clients.

With over 500 employees in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas, U.S. Water Services Corporation (d.b.a. USW Utility Group in Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas) is proud to be owned and operated in the USA. U.S. Water Services Corporation is a registered engineering firm, a licensed underground utility contractor, and a licensed general contractor.

What Guides Us


As part of our dedication to community, U.S. Water Services Corporation participates in several charities. Below is just a sampling.