Technical Support

 U.S. Water’s nationally-recognized technical support group offers process optimization, training, and expert guidance for complex treatment challenges.


Whether you need staff training or assistance with complex treatment challenges, U.S. Water's expert technical support team is here to help.

U.S. Water’s technical support team comprises industry-recognized experts and expert-level treatment operators with published credentials and proven expertise. Available 24/7, our team supports your on-site operations, reducing O&M costs, ensuring consistent water quality, achieving regulatory compliance, optimizing resource utilization, and mitigating operational risks.

Our Expertise

With experience that spans a variety of treatment technologies and systems, our comprehensive technical support covers a wide range of core competencies:

Core Competencies

  • Potable water and wastewater treatment operations
  • Industrial process water (pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical industries, landfill leachate, and more)
  • Specialty testing for detailed diagnosis of complex treatment problems (ATP, DNA, qPCR, Mineral and Microscopic Analysis, and Membrane Autopsies)
  • Feed water and groundwater (environmental systems)
  • Leachate (waste processing sites)
  • Ultrapure water (biopharmaceuticals)
  • Advanced biological treatment/nutrient removal
  • Physical/chemical treatment
  • Residuals management
  • Laboratory analysis training

Treatment Technologies and Systems

  • Physical/chemical/enhanced biological treatment
  • Ultraviolet-chemical oxidation, ozone
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration
  • Anaerobic and aerobic digestion
  • Gas collection and conditioning
  • UV chem-ox, air stripping, carbon, multi-media filter, acid-gas scrubbing, odor control, thermal oxidation

Service Packages

We offer customizable service packages, including:

Operations Process Review

We assess all aspects of your treatment process, including staffing, plant performance, chemical use, and regulatory compliance. You receive a comprehensive report identifying issues and offering effective solutions, with follow-up visits to track progress.

Process Control Strategy

We evaluate routine operating parameters, creating long-term key performance indicators (KPIs) tied to compliance and cost efficiency. These KPIs provide actionable insights, helping you predict performance, avoid potential issues, and minimize costly penalties.

Facility Startup and Commissioning

We deliver comprehensive turnkey commissioning and startup services for wastewater treatment systems. Our approach integrates the insights of facility owners, engineers, contractors, and regulators during pre-commission planning, ensuring a thorough evaluation and testing framework. Our primary objective is to deliver a facility that is commissioned and initiated on schedule, facilitating a seamless transition from the design and construction phase to operational readiness.

Administrative Support

We review your staff's skills, processes, and equipment. Our service delivers a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manual, streamlines regulatory reporting for timely submissions, and offers assistance with industrial pre-treatment, permit sampling reduction, and permit renewals.

Operator Training

From training of your entire facility staff to specialized operator preparation for licensing exams, we offer tailored solutions to meet your facility's unique needs. Our expert educators develop a curriculum to enhance your staff's knowledge of water and wastewater treatment principles, covering topics like Activated Sludge, Fixed-film Operations, Anaerobic Digestion, Solids Dewatering, and Macro/Micro-Nutrient Supplements.

Temporary Operations Support

U.S. Water excels in the management of industrial facility operations, providing rapid and flexible temporary staffing solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our extensively trained operators and technical support team possess comprehensive knowledge in various industrial treatment processes, ensuring we can seamlessly step in whenever you require assistance.

Monitoring & Analysis

Our experts analyze trends to boost operational efficiency through recurring consultations and mentoring. When parameters deviate from process norms, we recommend benchtop testing, prescribe treatability plans, or collaborate with process engineers to ensure compliance with benchmarks.

Laboratory Assistance

We evaluate your Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) procedures, conducting a thorough laboratory audit. We then work with you to create policies and protocols that streamline and standardize testing processes for accuracy and consistency.

Our Awards

U.S. Water’s technical support group has been distinguished by their peers and recognized for their impressive, repeated successes.

U.S. Egg and Poultry Association

Two-time first place Clean Water Award

New Jersey Water Environmental Association (NJWEA)

Two-time Industrial Plant of the Year and Recognition for Industrial Pre-Treatment Program Compliance

Alabama's Water Environment Association

Excellence Award

Project Highlights

Pharmaceutical Ingredient Production Plant Optimization

U.S. Water’s expert troubleshooting resolved efficiency challenges in a 1970's-era aerobic system, enhancing solids settling and removal. We developed a process control strategy that reduced effluent violations, predicted process upsets, and offered valuable troubleshooting guidance. Effective training and mentoring led to two site operators obtaining their wastewater operator licenses.

O&M Plan for Global Food Service Company

U.S. Water’s technical experts crafted a comprehensive O&M plan for a 2 MGD wastewater treatment plant featuring rotary screens, pH adjustment, dissolved air flotation, and biological treatment with nitrogen removal. This meticulous plan documented the entire treatment process, encompassing essential documents such as an O&M Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Health & Safety Plan (HASP), Maintenance Plan, and Lock-Out / Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures.

Leachate Treatment Upset Root Cause Analysis and Process Control Strategy

A landfill leachate treatment facility faced premature fouling of ultrafiltration membranes. Through analytical tests, including qPCR analysis and ATP determinations, our experts pinpointed the issue to a unique bacterial species. Proper SRT (Sludge Retention Time) and micro-nutrient control swiftly resolved the problem, restoring membrane performance to like-new conditions.

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