Maintenance & Capital Improvements

U.S. Water’s industrial maintenance team is your trusted partner for all your facility needs, from preventive and corrective maintenance to infrastructure rehabilitation and capital improvements.

Our Approach

We begin by delivering a comprehensive statement of conditions, thoroughly detailing maintenance requirements tailored specifically to your facility’s unique needs. Upon receiving your approval to proceed, we ensure the correct execution of the job. Unlike your typical residential electrician, plumber, or handyman, we specialize in industrial environments where active manufacturing presents inherent safety risks. Armed with specialized tools and equipped with the expertise needed, we efficiently and safely tackle the task at hand.

Our Team

Our team of highly skilled technicians, mechanics, tradesmen, and seasoned project managers have extensive experience in the domain of industrial maintenance. Our areas of expertise include:

Our Capabilities

Preventative Maintenance

At U.S. Water, we prioritize a proactive and preventive approach to maintenance in all our projects. Our methodology delivers a multitude of advantages for your facility, such as enhanced operational efficiency, extended equipment service life, reduced downtime and costly repairs, and efficient management of equipment warranties. We conduct thorough equipment inspections to formulate a scheduled maintenance plan designed to prolong the life of your assets and prevent expensive, unforeseen failures. Our services include implementation support and collaboration with your team to ensure the timely completion of preventive maintenance tasks.

Corrective Maintenance

Our highly skilled team is strategically positioned throughout the continental United States and is prepared to swiftly respond to emergencies and unplanned maintenance work. With a primary focus on minimizing downtime, we promptly address repairs and component replacements to expedite the restoration of your facility's operational status.

Capital Improvement

From revitalizing aging infrastructure to upgrading and expanding your facilities, our in-house construction team excels at executing your capital improvement initiatives to align with your complex and evolving wastewater management requirements. We work closely with all stakeholders to help you achieve your operational and strategic design objectives, ensuring the highest return on your investment.

Project Highlights

Laboratory System Assessment & Upgrades for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

U.S. Water conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client's laboratory neutralization system, including offsite reviews of standard operating procedures (SOPs), equipment manuals, and preventive maintenance records. We assessed various components such as piping, valves, actuators, pumps, agitators, containment systems, pH sensors, level sensors, tanks, and chemical storage. Our recommendations covered repairs, replacements, upgrades, and enhancements. We also developed and implemented a routine inspection and maintenance plan, installed safety features, and executed system upgrades, resulting in increased safety, reduced potential issues, and enhanced reliability.

Mitigation of a Hazardous Environment at a Landfill Leachate Treatment Facility

U.S. Water provides operations & maintenance services for a landfill leachate treatment facility in Tennessee. Our industrial maintenance team was called in to assess and rectify a situation where gases and vapors from the leachate treatment plant were creating a hazardous atmosphere within the metals precipitation building requiring personnel to don respirators to safely access the area. To mitigate this, the maintenance team fabricated and installed custom covers on the open top tanks as an engineering control to mitigate the hazardous atmosphere. The covers were equipped with a vent tied into a manifold that vents outside of the building. The control promptly resolved the issue and created a safer environment where operators could work without respirators.

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