Investor-Owned Utility Management

U.S. Water has extensive expertise in managing privately-owned utilities subject to state agency regulation, like the Public Service Commission (PSC) or county authorities.

Our Services:

Regulatory Oversight, Rate Filings, and Reporting

U.S. Water has extensive experience in regulatory oversight, rate filings, and reporting in the realm of private utility management. This includes the preparation and submission of various filings:

Navigating the intricate and voluminous regulatory requirements of private utilities can be challenging. U.S. Water is well-equipped to guide your private facility through these complexities. We are recognized by regulatory agencies for our effective and efficient regulatory and management oversight expertise. We also maintain collaborative relationships with consumer advocate groups and state Offices of Public Counsel (OPC).

U.S. Water offers expert support, including participation in customer meetings and agenda conferences during rate proceedings on behalf of your private facility. We have a successful track record of negotiating settlements in rate proceedings with OPCs and homeowners associations (HOAs). Furthermore, we actively engage in rulemaking proceedings at the PSC to advocate for fair and impartial rule development on behalf of our clients.

Homeowner Association and Governmental Liaison

U.S. Water maintains ongoing communication with HOAs and other governmental agencies on behalf of our private utility clients. Our utility managers regularly attend HOA meetings at our clients’ request and represent their interests at governmental meetings. Additionally, we respond to HOA requests regarding customer complaints and collaborate with HOAs to explore alternatives to utility capital improvements and requirements.

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