The Town of Horseshoe Beach, Florida Selects U.S. Water As Contract Operator

This agreement marks the first time a contractor has been retained to run the Town’s water treatment facility in over two decades.

We are excited to announce that US Water has assumed operations of the water treatment plant for the Town of Horseshoe Beach, FL. The Town recently completed a permit renewal review and has retained US Water to bring the system back into regulatory compliance.

“We recognize the trust that the Town of Horseshoe Beach has placed in the US Water team,” said Chris Saliba, US Water Vice President of Operations and Maintenance. “And we look forward to bringing the plant back into compliance and working as an ongoing partner with the Town’s leadership and staff.”

The five-year contract was executed on June 1st, 2022. US Water has assumed responsibility for operations and has begun the necessary work to bring the plant back into compliance.


The Town’s water treatment plant design utilizes a brackish water reverse osmosis system to produce potable water from high TDS well water. The facility uses two (2) open water wells as a raw water source. Raw water is dosed with a scale inhibitor and sent to the RO through three (3) pressurized media filters for pre-treatment. Pre-treatment water is then pressurized to roughly 100 psi and sent to the membrane array. RO product water is disinfected with chlorine, pH adjusted with sodium hydroxide, and finally treated with a corrosion inhibitor.  

Treated water is transferred directly from the RO system to a ground storage tank where three (3) high service pumps draw treated water from the ground storage tank and deliver pressurized water to the distribution system and on-site water tower. Reject water from the RO is disposed of through two (2) Rapid Infiltration Basins.