U.S. Water Awarded Contract for the Town of Lake Hamilton, FL

Construction of The 250k GPD Facility Addresses Growing Residential Needs

We are excited to announce that U.S. Water was the low bidder for construction of a 250,000 GPD wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) for the Town of Lake Hamilton in Polk County, Florida. The WWTF is necessary to meet the wastewater needs of new residential developments.

Although U.S. Water was the low bidder, the projected costs were much higher than the Town’s budgeted amount. The U.S. Water team utilized its engineering, operations, and construction experts to assist with a Value Engineering (VE) exercise that supported the Town’s budgetary goals. As a result, U.S. Water helped identify 17 scope reductions to lower the overall project cost by approximately $1.3M without sacrificing the stringent treatment and nutrient removal requirements of FDEP. 

“We were ecstatic to learn we were the low bidder for the project and committed to helping the Town of Lake Hamilton reduce costs so the project could move forward,” said Gary Deremer, U.S. Water President and CEO. “We are dedicated to serving our clients any way we can, including utilizing our team’s expertise and knowledge to overcome potential challenges.”

The contract was awarded in August of 2022, and project planning is already underway.


The project includes the construction of a dual train common wall, a concrete treatment structure to provide aeration and anoxic zones, clarification, sludge digesters, and chlorine contact disinfection. Two rapid infiltration basins will provide effluent disposal. 

The VE analysis identified 17 scope modifications and reductions which resulted in savings of approximately $1.3M and will allow the project to move forward as originally scheduled.