U.S. Water’s New TV Truck

U.S. Water Services Corporation has recently acquired a brand new TV Truck. This State of the Art video inspection equipment is used to perform a closed-circuit video inspection of sewer, stormwater, culvert, and industrial pipeline systems in both existing and new construction. Televising gravity mains and laterals is a critical component in assessing the condition of the utility’s infrastructure. The information collected provides the basis for capital improvements. Improvements that can mitigate water intrusions and structural deficiencies that hinder the system’s performance and cost our customers money. Video inspections are invaluable for identification and documentation of deficiencies such as dips, offset joints, infiltration, blockages, cracks, roots, etc. Our Operators produce detailed video and written reports identifying all aspects of this valuable underground infrastructure. Inspection programs determine current sewer conditions and to aid in planning maintenance strategies. Inspections are vital in fully understanding the condition of a sewer system by getting eyes underground. Without an inspection, defects in sewer pipes can go unnoticed and can lead to consequences like contamination and collapses, creating risk to the surrounding wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in the communities it serves.